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A Higher Salary Guaranteed!

Advanced Salary Negotiation Skills

Dave has a wealth of knowledge about salary negotiation. His techniques and strategies will quickly make anyone more effective regardless of their current skill level.

Roy P.

Hi Dave, good news, they increased the base to 75K, they said that they can’t guarantee me Fridays off, but they said occasionally.

Samir V.

Negotiating a higher salary with help from Dave has led to profound changes in nearly every aspect of my life. Thank you Dave!

Rachel A.

Exceptionally helpful and responsive. I will continue to use David’s services as I progress in my career. HR reps are professional negotiators, I’m not. David was instrumental in making sure I received what I am worth.

Everett G.

Dave got me an additional 13% on top of the increase I had already negotiated for myself before I took his course.

Kaylani P.

Use subtle persuasive techniques to gain a dramatic advantage during your entire negotiation

Control the pace and flow of your negotiation,
asking the right questions at the proper time

Master the art of leverage enhancement and get extra concessions from your employer

Understand your employer’s competing motivations and align your interests for a successful outcome

Negotiate your salary entirely by email
(we’ll walk you through the process step by step)


Learn to craft an elegant and effective counter offer
(even if you’re not the greatest writer)

Negotiate in a way that actually builds up a stronger relationship with your new employer

Establish your reputation as a strong performer with a promising future at your new firm

Draft dynamic scripts to help you master any required phone discussions with your employer

Negotiate the extras like a flexible work schedule, more vacation, a starting bonus, improved work opportunities, a moving allowance, and more

Be prepared for just about any possible situation you might face during your salary negotiation


Over 2 hours of video lectures, sample scripts, and a comprehensive playbook of proven strategies 

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Negotiate Your First Salary After College

Get The Same Training Offered To New Grads At USC!

Robin Norris

Robin Norris

Director of Employer Relations, USC

“David’s salary negotiation training has been invaluable to our grads at USC.”

David Ginchansky

David Ginchansky

Senior Career Counselor, USC

“David’s salary negotiation seminar has given our students an incredible competitive advantage in the job market.”

Lori Shreve Blake

Lori Shreve Blake

Director, Alumni & Career Services, USC

“David is an expert in the field of salary negotiation and a dynamic speaker.”

Discover the salary negotiation secrets taught to new grads at the University of Southern California

Learn key phrases to help you win your salary negotiation while creating value for your firm

Apply hidden persuasion factors to gently influence your employer, even if your offer “isn’t negotiable.”

Learn how to negotiate your way into a new job, even if you don’t have any on-campus interviews

Discover how you can use negotiation to create a richer, more compelling lifestyle

Leverage your strengths and make yourself more attractive to potential employers

Includes bonus content filmed live at
The University Of Southern California


Over 1 hour of video lectures and sample scripts

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Private Salary Negotiation Consulting

We Negotiate Your Salary For You

During a negotiation, phrasing is everything, and Dave helped me get it right. He was by my side throughout the process (which lasted several days), responding quickly to emails and coaching me at every step.

Julie S.

Dave takes the time to tailor everything to your needs. He definitely cares about his clients.

Bingwen H.

Dave, you did an awesome job. If I were HR and read your counter offer, I would want to give me a raise too. You are great!

Shana K.

David, you brought a wealth of skills to bear on my salary negotiation and I am thrilled with the outcome. The results speak for themselves. In an industry with well-publicized salaries (university assistant professor) my new salary is in the 95th percentile for the industry. Better yet, you negotiated me protected research time and a shared assistant. Your suggestions and crackerjack negotiating have given me the opportunity to focus on the part of my job I find the most rewarding.

Melinda C.

I have been trained in negotiation, but David’s advice was at a whole different level.  He took the time to truly understand the context of the negotiation, and walk me through the complexity of stock options as a major negotiation area.  In the end, David helped me increase my ownership stake in a fast-growing startup by 10X, an outcome potentially worth millions of dollars.

Tony A.

“Working with David is like watching a surgeon perform a flawless operation. And I should know because I am a surgeon.”

Vikram B.


This service is free if we don’t negotiate you a material improvement in your job offer

We take all the time necessary to learn about your unique situation, ask and answer questions, make detailed notes, and begin preparing you for your salary negotiation.

We review your offer letter, job description, equity plan, salary history, resume, email correspondence, and all available research on your employer before presenting you with our findings.

Based on our experience negotiating hundreds of salaries, we create a negotiation strategy tailored to your specific needs and personality, taking into account your leverage, the company size, and the standards of your industry.

We write an initial email for you to send to your future employer – gently negotiating a higher starting salary along with any other employment terms that make sense given your unique situation.

You send the email to your future employer with total confidence. Only you will know that it was crafted by an expert salary negotiator.

Just in case your employer wants to talk live, we are ready with a custom script that puts key arguments right at your fingertips – we drill you on these until you’re the best prepared person at the table.

We continue to draft as many emails, scripts, talking points, job description rewrites, and all other necessary communications until you have the best job offer, job description, and promotion trajectory possible.

“I’m so glad I hired David to help me negotiate my compensation. I knew I had been underpaid at my first job and I was determined to change that at my next job. I had never taken a negotiations class, I was afraid of coming off as too demanding and I was filled with doubt, so I decided to work with a negotiations pro. I wish every woman did this when negotiating her very first job offer! David taught me several  tactics that I’ve been using ever since (in many other settings), and he gave me the confidence and courage to stand up for myself and ask for what I knew I deserved. I started my new job with the happy knowledge that I had negotiated the best possible salary deal I could get, and that gave me an incredible boost of confidence.”

Elissa R.

Minimum Fee: $4000