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Negotiating Salary... how to get more

Consider these 5 surprising facts:

FACT #1:
9 out of 10 people who asked for a higher salary last year got more money, benefits, or both. (Study by Accenture).

FACT #2:
84% of bosses have more respect for employees who attempt to negotiate their salary than those who don't. (Study by SHRM).

FACT #3:
Employees who believe they earn a fair salary are more likely to enjoy their job, perform well, and get promoted. (Harvard Business Review).

FACT #4:
Employees who attempt to negotiate their salary are more likely to get future raises even if they lose their salary negotiation. (Washington Post).

FACT #5:
Better paid employees are healthier and even live up to 4 years longer than those who are underpaid. (American Journal of Public Health).

Now that you know the facts, you can feel more confident about negotiating your salary. And the more you learn, the easier it gets. But before we go any further, let me tell you a story...

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Salary Tips
Tip#1 Never Ask Permission

Tip#2 Read The Right Books

Tip#3 Ask The Right Questions

Tip#4 Know The Stakes

Tip#5 Don't Get Tricked

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Negotiating Salary FounderDave is a professional negotiator and popular speaker. He has business degrees from Berkeley and Wharton.
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